In Five

AXA wants every one of it’s people to be able to reach their full potential and key to achieving this is understanding those people and how they’re progressing within the company. So this year AXA is undertaking an internal initiative to get employees to fill in their diversity data which will form the basis for their D&I strategy.

This data will help AXA analyse how different employee groups like BAME and disabled colleagues are advancing in the workplace and expose areas they need to work harder at like gender pay gaps.

The brief is to come up with a campaign to get their employees at AXA to fill in their diversity data. The aim is to get at least 60% of employees to complete their data by the end of 2021.

ThirtyThree. D&I Data Collection Campaign - Advertising -  Illustration - Animation



We’ll develop a creative campaign using a series of playful assets that can push our message frequently without employees getting tired of seeing them.

The campaign will leverage the collective need for positive action that we’ve seen following the BLM movement, and tie in with key Inclusion events like IWD and Pride, encouraging employees to support.

We’ll use ERG members as influencers, providing them with the tools to bring this campaign to life in a way that’s personal and authentic to each of them as well as using them throughout the campaign to highlight why this campaign is important to them.