Governance Apprenticeship Programme 

Executive search firm Perrett Laver is planning on launching a new initiative this year - an apprenticeship programme to gain experience on boards of companies.

Perrett Laver has identified that many organisations want to recruit more diverse talent onto their boards, but a lack of experience is stopping some people from being able to apply. Because of this, they have created the Governance Apprenticeship Programme which will create a network of people from a range of backgrounds, locations, and expertise that haven’t been on a board before, and then pair them with organisations like universities and non-profits, to gain the experience needed for similar roles in the future.

ThirtyThree. Brand identity

Perret Laver Boards.jpg
Route One - Rationale

The design of the first route conveys that each one of our candidates will have different backgrounds and experiences, but with this programme they’ll be able to follow the path to becoming a board member.

The logo includes a nod to the Perrett Laver icon in the form of the circular area. The multiple lines are used to resemble the diversity of candidates and their experience but also to show the programme giving them that path. An arrow element has been also been incorporated into the design to symbolise their progression and that of the organisations they’ll join.

Route Two - Rationale


Route we have incorporated an acronym as we know it’s likely
with such a long name that the programme will be referred to as ‘GAP’.

The use of ‘GAP’ also echoes the idea that this programme is bridging the gap between our diverse candidates and employers, and helping fill gaps at board level.

The design elements in the logo reflect the diversity of people joining the programme and can be used in a number of ways as graphic elements.

Perret Laver Boards9.jpg